Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

  • Caught Using A Fake ID? You Could Be Looking At These Charges

    If you're not of legal age to drink alcohol or enter certain establishments, you might try to gain access with the help of a fake ID. Whether you find an unscrupulous service and get a fake ID made or you get access to a card from someone who resembles you, you may be able to indeed use it successfully. However, there's also a chance that you'll get caught, and the penalties could range from something as minor as being escorted off the premises to actually having the police called.

  • What Happens When You Have A Work-Related Partial Disability

    Workers who get hurt on the job can take advantage of a number of benefits offered by workers' compensation insurance. In some cases, the injury ends up being permanent. Not all injuries, however, result in being 100% disabled. Read on to find out what might happen if you have a work-related permanent partial disability. Benefits Available Regardless of the extent of your injuries, all hurt workers (if they qualify) are entitled to the same benefits during the first stage of coverage.

  • Why A Bail Bondsman Can Make A Difference

    The role of the bail bondsman services provider in the U.S. legal system is one that many people are only vaguely familiar with from watching television. Knowing that someone can post a surety on your behalf after you've been arrested, however, can be a massive relief. You may be surprised to learn, though, that a bail bondsman can do a lot more for you. They Can Make Counsel Affordable The reality is that paying for a lawyer to mount a defense once you've been charged with a crime can be a costly proposition.

  • Given An Unfair Speeding Ticket? Know About Some Potential Defenses

    Were you given a speeding ticket while driving your vehicle, but you feel like it is not justified? If so, you may be looking to fight it in court and have the ticket waived or reduced. These tickets are becoming more common with radar enforcement zones where your car is photographed and a ticket sent in the mail, so you do not always have the ability to explain the situation to an officer at the time the ticket is written.

  • Do You Have Any Legal Recourse If Your Motorcycle Is Struck By A Deer?

    Although motorcyclists' greatest danger on the road is usually other vehicles, motorcycle-deer crashes claim a number of lives each year. These crashes can happen to anyone, even experienced motorcycle riders, and the impact of a combined ton of steel and animal muscle colliding can result in serious injuries. But unlike collisions with other vehicles, which can give rise to a personal injury lawsuit, a collision with a deer may leave you high and dry.

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Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

I'll be up front: I have a criminal record. As someone who's spent lots--and lots--of time looking for a job in my life, I've gotten used to being up front with this fact. It's difficult to get hired with this on my record, and frankly, it never gets less scary to have to tell an interviewer about it. But that doesn't mean I'm unemployable. I'm a hard worker who can bring a lot to any company. And I also know what an employer needs to do for me. I know my rights. There's no federal law protecting me from discrimination due to my record, but there are plenty of state laws that make it a little easier for me. If you're looking for a job and you have a criminal record, read through this information. Protect yourself during a job search. Know your rights.