Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

Your Personal Injury Case Could Be Right For A Contingency Agreement

Michelle Garrett

If you have been hit in an accident by a careless driver, you may be owed compensation. It is the compensation owed to you that can influence your chances of arriving at an agreement with a lawyer. Find out more about contingency fee matters by reading below.

Contingent on a Win

A contingency fee agreement allows accident victims to get a lawyer started on their cases right away, even if they don't have money to pay them. An agreement is formed between the victim and the personal injury lawyer that specifies a percentage fee owed if the case is won. For example, you and your lawyer might agree that you will pay them 40% of your accident settlement for representing you.

What the Lawyer Will Do

The agreement will set out what you can expect your lawyer to do. However, most lawyers will:

  • Advise you on what not to do during the time before the case is settled. For instance, you will likely be advised not to contact the other driver or their insurer but to refer all contact to the lawyer.
  • Assist you in gathering the information you will need to prove your damages. They may, for example, ask you to provide permission to access your medical records. That allows the lawyer to add up what is owed to you in medical expenses.
  • Work to get the other driver's insurer to pay for your vehicle repair, a rental vehicle, or issue you a check so that a new vehicle can be purchased.
  • Investigate fault if that issue has not been resolved. For example, your lawyer may contact an accident reconstruction expert to review the evidence and determine fault.
  • Inform the insurer for the other driver that you are being represented and then send them a demand letter explaining why you are owed money and how much you expect to be paid.
  • Negotiate with the other side to arrive at a settlement amount that covers your damages sufficiently.

Not All Accidents Work with Contingency Fee Arrangements

If your accident did not involve any physical injuries, then your best course of action is to ask the insurer to pay for your vehicle damages. You won't be able to use a contingency fee arrangement if you have no injuries. Very low damage cases may not be appropriate if the insurer is already offering you enough money to pay for your damages. Personal injury lawyers won't take a case if it's not the right course of action for the client.

To learn more, talk to an auto accident lawyer.


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Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

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