Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

3 Costly Errors That Might Make Your Family Legal Issues More Complicated

Michelle Garrett

Some family issues like divorce and child custody have high stakes for the parties involved. As a result, the negotiation process can get heated as both parents advocate for what they feel will work to their advantage. Unfortunately, the emotional conversation provokes anger, making people do things they otherwise wouldn't. Therefore, one party gets the upper hand in the case, getting more time with the kids, more assets, or more child support payments. Here are some of the costly errors that might make your family issue more complicated and how a lawyer can help.

Failing to Get Professional Legal Representation

Family law is very complicated. Therefore, there is a high possibility that your issue may become complex if you handle it yourself. When you only consider consulting a lawyer when something bad happens to you, your lawyer will have to do more to defend you. For example, if you contact a lawyer after being convicted of abusing your partner, they may have to look for evidence without your assistance, which might take more time. That explains the importance of consulting a professional family lawyer early on in the process.

Moving Out of the Home During Your Marriage Dissolution

Moving out of your house could complicate your legal separation process. Your partner may claim that you left them responsible for taking care of your kids and paying the bills alone. As a result, they might easily manage to request the court to compel you to pay child support and spousal support. Besides, they may ask the judge to ask you to make monthly payments for mortgage and utilities. It might be very costly for you, considering that you also have to pay bills for your residence.

Leaving your house might also suggest that you have no interest in your kids. Therefore, your ex-spouse might ask the judge to offer you only a limited time with your kids. Therefore, before deciding to move to a new residence, consult an experienced attorney dealing with family matters to determine how the move might affect you.

Signing Documents Without Seeking Legal Advice

The process of amending agreements is lengthy and time-consuming. Even then, you may only amend child custody and child support agreements. However, you cannot do that for property division and alimony contracts. Therefore, you may consider seeking legal advice before signing documents. An experienced attorney will go through the document, identifying any contentious issues that might trigger court battles in the future.

You may complicate your family legal issues if you make any of the errors above. However, consulting an experienced family lawyer can help you avoid them and any other mistakes that might give the other party a bigger advantage in the case.

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Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

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