Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

Why You'll Probably Find That Personal Injury Attorney Legal Fees Are Worth The Cost

Michelle Garrett

You might be the victim of some type of personal injury -- such as a slip-and-fall accident, a dog bite, or a car accident -- and you might be wondering if it will actually be worth it for you to hire an attorney to help you out or not. After all, you might be concerned about legal fees, and you could be concerned about whether or not they are actually worth the cost. For many people, the attorney fees are more than worth it for the following reasons and more.

The Attorney Can Help You Save a Lot of Time and Trouble

Dealing with a personal injury case on your own can be a lot more time-consuming than you might realize. Filing the appropriate documents in court, submitting paperwork, negotiating with the insurance company, and more can all take up hours of your time. If you're busy with doctor's appointments, if you're hoping to spend most of your time at home recovering, or if you are busy with other things, this can be a big hassle. If you hire a personal injury attorney, you might find that their legal fees are worth it simply because of all of the time and hassle that you can save.

The Attorney Can Help You Get a Much Bigger Payout

It might be harder to get a decent settlement offer or a good outcome in court than you think, especially if you try to do it on your own. A personal injury attorney can help you increase your chances of getting a good outcome in the first place. Plus, a good attorney will hopefully be able to help you get a bigger settlement than what you might be able to get on your own.

You Shouldn't Have to Pay Anything Right Now

If your primary concern is about coming up with the money to pay for legal fees right now, then you should know that you shouldn't have to pay anything when you first hire a personal injury attorney. Instead, you should only have to pay if the attorney helps you get a settlement or a positive outcome in court; then, the attorney's legal fees will be paid out of the settlement that you receive.

You'll Only Be Charged a Certain Percentage

You shouldn't have to worry about your legal fees being higher than what you can afford. This is because the amount that your personal injury attorney will charge should be a percentage of your settlement. Therefore, you can still feel confident that you will be receiving the majority of your settlement without worrying about your legal fees taking away too much money.

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Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

I'll be up front: I have a criminal record. As someone who's spent lots--and lots--of time looking for a job in my life, I've gotten used to being up front with this fact. It's difficult to get hired with this on my record, and frankly, it never gets less scary to have to tell an interviewer about it. But that doesn't mean I'm unemployable. I'm a hard worker who can bring a lot to any company. And I also know what an employer needs to do for me. I know my rights. There's no federal law protecting me from discrimination due to my record, but there are plenty of state laws that make it a little easier for me. If you're looking for a job and you have a criminal record, read through this information. Protect yourself during a job search. Know your rights.