Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

Designated as an Estate Administrator? You May Need an Estate Administration Attorney

Michelle Garrett

When you are assigned to be the administrator of an estate after a loved one passes away, you can be tasked with a lot of unfamiliar responsibilities. Enlisting the help of an estate administration attorney can be a wise decision. These skilled attorneys are well-versed in the many processes that can come along with standing as an acting administrator over the estate of a deceased individual. Take a look at just a few of the advantages of bringing in an attorney for help if you find yourself in the position of administrator over an estate. 

Better Understand How the Property Will Be Taxed 

Even though the owner of the property may have passed away, that does not mean that there will not be taxes involved that have to be paid by the estate. Unfortunately, taxes in relation to estate assets can get pretty complicated. For example, if the state where you live has enacted an estate tax, all heirs can be responsible for paying taxes on their share of an inheritance. Another complicating factor, sometimes, taxes have to be paid on the property before it can even be passed on to the heirs. Bringing in the trained knowledge of an estate administration attorney will help you better understand what taxes will need to be paid. 

Get a Look at How the Assets Should Be Dispersed to the Heirs 

Even though running an estate can seem straightforward and simple, you can run into quite a few issues, especially if the estate is diverse or there are a lot of heirs involved. As an administrator, having an attorney to guide you through the disbursement process can be especially valuable. They can instruct you when issues come up. For example, if two heirs were listed in the will for the same property, the estate administration attorney can help you take the proper steps to make a fair and legal designation. 

Find Professional Guidance to Keep Yourself from Legal Challenges 

Legal challenges associated with acting as an administrator over an estate are common, especially in larger families or when the deceased had a lot of assets. As you make decisions, you can face questions from the heirs involved. For example, if you decide to divide monetary assets unequally, one heir may claim you are not acting in the best interest of the estate. Essentially, these challenges can bring about legal disputes. With an attorney guiding your decisions as an administrator, you will be far less likely to run into such issues.


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Applying for Jobs with a Criminal Record: Know Your Rights

I'll be up front: I have a criminal record. As someone who's spent lots--and lots--of time looking for a job in my life, I've gotten used to being up front with this fact. It's difficult to get hired with this on my record, and frankly, it never gets less scary to have to tell an interviewer about it. But that doesn't mean I'm unemployable. I'm a hard worker who can bring a lot to any company. And I also know what an employer needs to do for me. I know my rights. There's no federal law protecting me from discrimination due to my record, but there are plenty of state laws that make it a little easier for me. If you're looking for a job and you have a criminal record, read through this information. Protect yourself during a job search. Know your rights.